F.B.S. Elektrotechniek
F.B.S. Elektrotechniek designed the PPU201 and PPU202 especially for the stationery industry. Both high speed machines pick, transport and place with great precision a variety of materials, such as pvc, clear, cardboard and printed encapsulated product.

The combination of the control panel (touch screen PPU202) and the central processing unit make the PPU201 and PPU202 to the most user-friendly pick and place machines in their kind and will enable you to work with the most difficult materials. In addition to the ease of control of production numbers and vacuum, and the specially designed FBVIBRATE system, the PPU201 and PPU202 offer you the possibility to execute more advanced tasks.The PC-system of both machines has been designed to be linked to your local computer network, thus enabling you to have on-line production data available at all time for your planning.

F.B.S. Elektrotechniek looks forward to give you further information about its products. If you would like to receive the technical specifications of the PPU 201 and PPU 202, as well as for price offers, delivery terms and other questions please send us your Company details. If you would like to take a closer look at one or both machines we can also send you video-material or arrange for a company visit.